Knitting winter hat with pom poms for kid. Free pattern

Pattern info

Yarn weight
1 - Super Fine
21 stitches and 31 rows = 10 cm
Consumed yarn length
550 - 650 m (601 - 711 yards)
Sizing / Finished Measurements
Length of head circumference 50-54 cm.
Needle size
  • 3.0 mm - US 2½
  • 2.0 mm - US 0
  • acrylic yarn (400 m/100 g)
  • yarn 40% – mohair, 60% – acrylic (500 m/100 g) 

Written pattern

To make the hat warmer I knitted in two yarns (acrylic yarn + acryl with mohair). 

I started with ear flaps (knitting needle US 2½ - 3.0 mm). For the first ear flap, I cast on 22 stitches and knitted 12 courses according to the pattern leaving the ear on the needle and knitting the second ear in the same way. Then I divided the stitches as follows: ear stitches + I cast on 22 stitches of back of the head + stitches of the second ear + 44 stitches for forehead. I joined all the stitches in a circle and knitted around a circle according to the pattern. 

I knitted lining material with acrylic yarn (knitting needle US 0 - 2.0 mm). The lining is knitted circle-wise. For this purpose, I divided the stitches as follows: by 18 stitches for ears, + 18 stitches – back of the head, + 36 stitches – forehead. In total 90 stitches. I knitted 35 courses in face stitches around a circle. To round the lining material, I divided all stitches into 6 parts and made diminutions (knitted by 2 stitches together) in each second course, 13 times in the beginning of each part. In joined the rest stitches in a circle and tied them up. 

In order to make laces I cast 6 stitches on double pointed needles (US 2½ - 3.0 mm) and knitted them in face stitches. After this, you need to move the stitches on the other end of needle and knit in face stitches again (with working yarn behind) without turning over. Carry on until you reach the required length of the lace. 

I put the hat and lining material with inner side to each other and joined them making double crocheting. 


All you need now is to sew laces and decorate the hat with pompons.