Aran (diamonds and cable) earflap hat. Free knitting pattern.

Hat for 2-6 years old girl, warm, beautiful, and very practical. Knitted quickly and worn with pleasure. Due to volumetric scheme and lining, it will be warm enough. Reliably protects head and ears of your baby during walks. Since the hat is knitted in a circle, it is seamless and looks very neat.

Pattern info

Yarn weight
1 - Super Fine
24 stitches and 48 rows = 10 cm
Consumed yarn length
380 - 420 m (416 - 459 yards)
Sizing / Finished Measurements
Length of head circumference 47-51 cm
Needle size
  • 2.0 mm - US 0 (Double Pointed)
Hook size
  • 3.0 mm
  • 50 grams of acrylic yarn with sequins (410 m per 100 grams)
  • 50 grams of acrylic yarn 400 m per 100 grams

Written pattern

The hat is knitted from flaps, and then in a circle. For the first flap you need to take 6 stitches, knit on the scheme, adding 2 stitches in each second row 9 times = 24 stitches. Having knitted 22 rows on the scheme, leave the eye on the needle, the second one knit similarly. Then distribute stitches as follows: 24 stitches of the first flap + take 24 stitches of the back + stitches of the second flap + 48 stitches for the forehead = 120 stitches. Close all received stitches in the ring and knit in a circle under a 64-row scheme (about 18 cm), then tie up. 

The lining is made of acrylic yarn of suitable color. 

For flaps: take 3 stitches, stockinet stitch them, adding 2 stitches in each second row 7 times, 17 stitches total, knit 8 more rows with no adding. Knit the second flap similarly. Then take stitches of the back and forehead. Distribute them as follows: 17 stitches for each flap, + 17 stitches – back, + 34 stitches – forehead. Total of 85 stitches. Knit in a circle 35 rows knit stitch. To round off the lining, divide all stitches into 6 parts and make subtractions (2 stitches each together) in each second row, 13 times at the beginning of each part. Close the remaining stitches in the ring and tie them up. 

For cords on double pointed needles take 6 stitches, knit them knit stitch, and then move the stitches on the other end of the needle and knit them knit stitch again (working yarn on the back) without turning. And so on until the desired length of cord. 


Fold the hat and the lining with back sides to each other and connect them tying with hook in single crochets (US). Sew down strings.